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Everything you need to grow your DJ business.

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Ready To Start Booking More Gigs?

I want to help.

I 4Xed my DJ business in less than 8 months. Now, I help DJs book more gigs and make more money.

Let me help you start booking more gigs today!

This course will pay for itself if you use its information to book just ONE more gig...

"Best investment ever! In just 3 short months, I've already made changes in my business approached which have resulted in more gigs and money.

Thanks to DJ TJ, I took a whole different approach to my website, I answer the phone different now, I'm closing more deals, I'm sending custom thank you cards and I'm upselling more services. I could go on and on.

His training videos have truly given me the blueprint to take my business to the next level. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the future holds for J² Entertainment."

"I have learned A LOT from your program. My mindset has changed, I'm being booked more at a higher rate and I'm going to be forever grateful for you providing such amazing insight!"

- DJ Verb

Here's what you get in the Pros Package program:

  • Over 10 HOURS of business tips, advice and information to grow your DJ business!
  • Access the materials on your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet…24 hours a day!
  • Enjoy INSTANT ACCESS to all the materials right after your purchase!
  • Over 120 exclusive videos only found in the Pros Package

Here's some of what's in the video content:

Some more testimonials...

"DJ TJ training provides very useful inside information for DJ's that want to develop themselves and grow as professionals. Where as most of these "help programs" promise a lot but fail to deliver, DJ TJ training delivers fully. I can only recommend it if you're serious about making moves to a successful career as a DJ."

- DJ Professional Dictabeat

"I have been a Professional DJ for 15 years and i usually hate a lot of training videos out there. However i came across TJs a few months back and i am very impressed with the work he puts into it and the fact that everyone from entry level to pros can take something from his videos."

- DJ Mike Melice

"Tanner is the real deal! A stand-up dude; he is passionate about not only his profession, his clients and DJ’ing, but even more, he is passionate about HELPING other DJ’s obtain the success he’s achieved. His content is immensely helpful, applicable, and if followed, WILL produce results! I’m pleased to have made his acquaintance and truly appreciate what he’s doing for the DJ community at large! Cheers!"

- DJ Jason Hooper

"This training helped me become better in running my business and dealing with clients. I highly recommend checking out the courses."

- DJ Nano Saenz


Since everyone wants to be a DJ today, you have to be at the top of your game to get what you deserve.

I want to help.

You now have the rare opportunity to learn from someone who knows what it takes to get you to that next level of success.

Take advantage of this opportunity today. Click the 'Enroll in Course' button below to get started.

I can assure you that this will be the greatest investment you’ll ever make in your DJ career and it’ll pay off for you.

Invest in yourself and start booking more gigs today!


Some more testimonials...

“Ever since I started implementing the tactics and information shared in this course, my bookings and sales have gone up. I feel more confident in my approach with new leads and have received referrals from it. Take this course and you will gain the information many people don’t want to share. You will see a difference within yourself and your business.”
- Mat G.

"I loved the course! You explained everything so well. You made it simple to understand and you're a very fun person, so that also made it very enjoyable."

- Jake S.

"Very Informative Program. TJ could relate to and give solutions to Real DJ Problems and Concerns"

- DJ Kool Ken

"Your course is awesome! I love it!"

- Ryan V.

"I enjoyed it and found it to be very informative."

- Eric C.

"It was great! Good stuff!👍🏾📀💻📀🎤🎼😄"
- Darrell W.

Your Instructor

DJ TJ Training
DJ TJ Training

When he started DJing in 2013, it all started with a dream. A dream of becoming a great DJ with a successful business.

Tanner James, DJ TJ, started his DJ business small, with cheap iPod docks and a computer.

When one gig turned to ten, the dream started to come together.

After starting to grow his small business into a good sized DJ business, he noticed something important. He learned that a successful DJ business is not only due to the DJs' skills, but also the business and marketing abilities of the DJ.

After hundreds of hours of research, Tanner created a marketing plan that resulted in his business doubling every year.

He learned what does and doesn’t work in the DJ industry and he wants to share that information with you.

His university studies at California State University, Chico in Business Administration has helped him build his successful DJ business.

He regularly attends multi-day business conferences and seminars to develop effective market strategies.

He constantly researches to stay up to date on business, sales, and marketing trends.

DJ TJ and his company, DJ TJ Entertainment, has won awards for being the 'Best DJ Company' in local towns.

Today, Tanner wants to give back and help you succeed at building your dreams.


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