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"Once I learned this information, ALL of my DJ performances became AMAZING!"

"I loved the course! You explained everything so well. You made it simple to understand and you're a very fun person, so that also made it very enjoyable. I'm definitely going to be using the peak period method from now on."

- Jake S.

This course will give you the information you need

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Some of our performances as DJs are AMAZING and some of them are ok.
I cracked the code and figured out exactly why this is.

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These tactics work EVERY SINGLE TIME.


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- Over 90 minutes of DJ tips, advice and information to to help you have perfect performances!

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DJ TJ Training
DJ TJ Training

When he started DJing in 2013, it all started with a dream. A dream of becoming a great DJ with a successful business.

Tanner James, DJ TJ, started his DJ business small, with cheap iPod docks and a computer.

When one gig turned to ten, the dream started to come together.

After starting to grow his small business into a good sized DJ business, he noticed something important. He learned that a successful DJ business is not only due to the DJs' skills, but also the business and marketing abilities of the DJ.

After hundreds of hours of research, Tanner created a marketing plan that resulted in his business doubling every year.

He learned what does and doesn’t work in the DJ industry and he wants to share that information with you.

His university studies at California State University, Chico in Business Administration has helped him build his successful DJ business.

He regularly attends multi-day business conferences and seminars to develop effective market strategies.

He constantly researches to stay up to date on business, sales, and marketing trends.

DJ TJ and his company, DJ TJ Entertainment, has won awards for being the 'Best DJ Company' in local towns.

Today, Tanner wants to give back and help you succeed at building your dreams.

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